New Hillsborough investigation to be launched

It has been announced today by Home Secretary Theresa May that a new investigation into the Hillsborough disaster will be launched  following the findings of the Hillsborough independent panel, and will be lead by former Chief Constable for Durham Jon Stoddard.

The disaster, which took the lives of 96 Liverpool fans during an FA Cup semi-final at Sheffield Wednesday‘s home ground in 1989, will be re-investigated after the independent panel proved that there had been a cover-up that placed the blame onto the victims of the tragedy.

Families of the victims, who have formed a pressure group and are releasing a star-studded charity single for Christmas, have long been asking for further inquiries into the match-day Policing and poorly organised crowd control measures, which will be the focal point of the new investigation, as well as Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, Sheffield City Council and The Football Association.

Theresa May announced to reporters earlier today: “I am determined to see a swift and thorough response to the findings of the Hillsborough panel to deliver justice for the 96 football fans who died and the families who have fought so hard on their behalf.

“The findings of the Hillsborough independent panel were truly shocking, but while the families have now been given the truth, they have not yet received justice,” she added.

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