Pundit View: Wenger warning to Klopp could be bad news for Liverpool midfielders

Liverpool conquered Europe for the sixth time on Saturday, but Arsene Wenger has already identified one area the Reds can improve.

For many neutrals, the highlight of Saturday’s Champions League final was the coverage from beIN SPORTS, who scooped a wonderfully awkward pundit duo of Wenger and Jose Mourinho.

Before, in between and after the two halves of tense, turgid football, we were gifted to gems of comedy, insight and analysis from two of the greatest managers the world has ever seen.

And Wenger had some transfer advice for Jurgen Klopp, after Reds owner John W. Henry claimed they will invest again this summer to improve their bid for a Premier League title.

What did he say?

Speaking on beIN SPORTS, as reported by The Mirror, Wenger said: “They need to dominate European football to improve the technical level.

“But they might lose what is their strength at the moment – that solidarity, their fighting spirit. In our jobs, we know we need to improve a team but sometimes, by improving one aspect you destroy what makes you win.”

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Bad news for Madrid heroes

Wenger has absolutely nailed it here, and his comments could be bad news for Madrid heroes like Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Gini Wijnaldum.

There’s no question the skipper and his second-in-command are excellent leaders and useful players, but for the Reds to dominate matches and seasons in the manner Wenger is talking about, they need players with more composure and ability on the ball in the middle third, such as Fabinho.

These players are work horses, but not overly gifted with the ball, and as Wenger says, the latter is a requirement for true domination. Wijnaldum meanwhile is excellent at dribbling in close areas, but poor at finding dangerous, incisive passes.

However, the Arsenal legend knows all about great teams crumbling from within, and also identified the need to keep the core of the squad together.

Klopp will certainly heed the warning about destroying what made the squad great in the first place, but with the midfield perhaps the one area in need of strengthening, the likes of Henderson and Milner should be very concerned if any more reinforcements arrive this summer.