Should Liverpool try and be more like Man United?

After getting so close to the Premier League title last year, Liverpool fans were praying this year could be theirs. But once again it wasn’t meant to be.

The Reds have some fantastic individuals but their team form has let them down. The signing of Mario Balotelli during last summer looked like it was going to be a great one, but he hasn’t found form at Anfield. The side are unbeaten in their last 50 Premier League home games when they are winning at half time and their home form has been great this season, so why haven’t they been able to make an impact and win the League?

Rodgers has become the first Anfield boss since the 1950’s not to win a trophy in his first three seasons in charge and many are calling for him to be sacked, but it isn’t the right answer. Sir Alex Ferguson was a legend for Manchester United but it’s easily forgotten that it took him four seasons before he won his first trophy at the club.

Since taking over at Liverpool in 2012, Rodgers’ main strategy was to build a new squad. Rodgers said: “We might not be ready for the title but the process begins today, it’s a new cycle, and that is something that we will work towards in the years to come.”

More than eight players came in over the summer so it was never going to gel straight away.

When the Northern Ireland man was announced as the new guy in charge, owner John Henry said: “We do not expect miracles overnight nor should anyone else. But we firmly believe that the direction the club is heading in will lead to Premier League championships.”

This is why former Liverpool player Mark Lawrenson believes that fans are expecting too much of Rodgers: “When you have young players then you are going to have highs and lows. No-one was moaning when they were on a 13-match unbeaten league run between December and March.”

It is all well and good saying that time is what they need, not a new manager, but Liverpool players are growing restless. Ex-Liverpool player John Scales said: “Liverpool are way short of where they want to be and where the team wants to be. There are lessons to be learned.”

This season there has been many embarrassing incidents, including last Monday night’s 1-0 loss to Hull City. Daniel Sturridge looks to be out for the rest of the season. It is unsurprising that Liverpool have struggled. When a team loses their top goal scorer they are bound to struggle. Chelsea lost Diego Costa to injury at the beginning of April and they haven’t been as polished since.

While fans are getting annoyed about the lack of energy at Anfield they are forgetting how things have improved since he took over. They have reached two cup semi-finals and got back into the Champions League this season.

Rodgers deserves to stay. He is building the future of Anfield and if things hadn’t been as good as they were last season, the fans would have this season’s expectations set so high.

Rodgers deserves one more season- it is what Fergie got!