Six of Liverpool’s Mario’s ‘maddest moments’

Oh dear Mario! Balotelli is back in hot water again after a controversial Instagram post yesterday, which could well see him punished heavily by both Liverpool and the footballing authorities.

It’s fair to say that the Italian’s career has not been the smoothest one, with mis-haps and craziness having followed him through Italy, to Manchester, back to Milan once again and to Merseyside.

Here are some of his best moments to remind us why we love (and hate) Balotelli in equal measure…



Why always me[/ffc-gallery]

One hundred and eighty!

We’ve all had a little go with the arrows down the local pub during a night out, but very few of us have ever contemplated throwing darts at work… at the work experience kids! In a footballing realm, Mario was fined £100,000 (a week’s wages) for chucking the missiles at youth players, who all, luckily, evaded the sharp objects. All joking aside, this was rather brainless from Balotelli.

At least the above video spawned from the incident…

Honesty is the best policy…

Mario may be a lot of things, but at least he seems to have thrown honesty into the mix. The then Manchester City man’s 2010/11 season was one of mixed fortunes, but he saved his best for last with a Man of the Match showing against Stoke in the 1-0 FA Cup Final victory. When quizzed on the day, his reaction was priceless. Nope, you probably can’t say that on live TV!


Words cannot truly do this one justice. What a clown.

Behind bars…

Balotelli Inter Milan

How do you pass the time with your brother when you’re bored? A spot of FIFA? A trip into town? A stroll through a women’s prison? The latter, obviously! When collared by police in a ‘government facility’ in Brescia, Mario explained that it was just a case of curiosity!

Supermarket sweep

Balo Man City

This story is unconfirmed, but we really pray that it’s true! When he first arrived in Manchester with his family, Mario was sent to the shops to buy cleaning products for the family home. Easy task, right? Not exactly, as the star striker returned with a lorry filled with two Vespa scooters and a trampoline from John Lewis!

Why always me?

A moment now synonymous with Mr Balotelli is the ‘Why Always Me?’ t-shirt. The day before the Manchester derby, the Italian was dragged from his mansion by the fire brigade after letting off fireworks in his bathroom. Naturally, attention was focused on him, and when he inevitably found the net against United, he revealed the famous garment.