Roberto Firmino shows off his new look at Liverpool’s trophy parade

I’m not sure what the first port of call would be after winning a maiden Champions League title.

Virgil van Dijk simply dropped to the floor when he saw Divock Origi’s decisive goal nestle inside the post and into the netting.

Jordan Henderson couldn’t hold back the tears and enjoyed the moment with his dad, who had suffered from cancer last year.

But what did Roberto Firmino do?

Has Salomon Rondon had a better season than Bobby Firmino? Matt from The Magpie Channel discusses in the video below…

Well, the Brazilian international clearly wanted to do something that would last a bit longer than a hug, and something that would also show everyone he meets just how much Liverpool Football Club means to him.

In just the space between the final whistle sounding on Saturday evening and the plane taking off from Madrid the following morning, the former Hoffenheim attacker found the time to dye his hair red and create a new look to celebrate the Reds’ sixth Champions League title.

It’s certainly a bold thing to do given the fact there’s no hiding the obvious change in his appearance, but Firmino is a bold guy.

Whether he’s kicking the ball into an empty net whilst looking to other way, or celebrating with some pretty odd dance moves, the 27-year-old is an eccentric character – his bold fashion statement emphasises that.

Every other player in Jurgen Klopp’s squad clearly loves the club going off the scenes following the final whistle in Madrid, but Firmino’s gesture clearly shows just how much he wants the world to know that he plays for Liverpool and is proud of it.

And why shouldn’t he be?

The No.9 plays for one of the most attractive clubs in the world right now under an exquisite manager; it is a very good time to be associated with Liverpool.