This Liverpool kit timeline will blow your mind…

How does the  old American saying go?

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good.

Squawka posted a vine today showing the ever-changing Liverpool home kit since 1992. The scarlet red home outfit has been a symbol of consistency for Liverpool over the years.

As the vine shows, the Liverpool home kit has subtly changed every couple of years since 1992. The vine shows how the Liverpool designers have flirted with various outfit designs and styles. Although different designs have come and gone for the home kit, the scarlet red has never wavered.

Despite all of the tinkering to the Liverpool home kit, the Reds have never won the Premier League title in any of these kits. Needless to say, we very well could see an end to the different designs when, or if, Liverpool finally captures the elusive Premiere League crown.