This video proves Liverpool’s £16m ‘flop’ is misunderstood

Balotelli is a player that has earned the reputation of being lazy and having attitude problems, despite featuring for elite clubs such as A.C Milan, Inter Milan, Manchester City, and Liverpool. Most players would be considered lucky and fortunate to play for an abundance of top level clubs in Europe.

Although consistently labeled as “lazy”, how could a player who has featured for some of the best teams in Europe before the age of 25 be lazy? After careful analysis of Balotelli when featuring for Liverpool against Chelsea, the energy and work rate he brings seems to go unnoticed and undervalued due to a popular reputation for lack of effort and temperament problems.

Balotelli clearly loves his football and has consistently moved all over Europe in an attempt to reignite his career.

The talent that Balotelli possesses is clear as the teams he has represented are elite clubs that have all hoped his talent would prevail over his apparent issues.

However, maybe the media and the hype of these apparent issues are actually the only real issue…