Three reasons this Liverpool ace fits perfectly with Klopp’s style of football

After a mixed start to his career at Anfield, there’s no doubt that the Liverpool’s £25m man Roberto Firmino has kicked on in recent weeks.

We knew that the Brazilian was able to play in a few different positions, but at times, Brendan Rodgers took this too far, deploying him in wider roles where he was a lot less effective.

Since he’s arrived at Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp has prioritised playing to Firmino’s strengths. Just two weeks in to his reign, the German pointed out that there was a period last season where the ex-Hoffenheim man was the best player in the Bundesliga.

In his very first press conference, Klopp mentioned that he saw Firmino as a player that could be used as a striker, where he often plays for Brazil.

Against Manchester City last weekend we saw just how effective he can be in this position. Here’s 3 reasons Firmino is the ideal Jurgen Klopp player…

By Liverpool expert @JackSear.

Defensive contribution and pressing


Jurgen Klopp prides himself on the persistent ‘gegenpressing’ that his sides use in matches, and Firmino has shown that he’s ideal for this.

He is often seen robbing the ball off opposition players in his own half and the striking role he has been used in has allowed him to press from the front.

Goal Record

Roberto Firmino (centre)

It is clear that Firmino is a much bigger goal threat than he was at the very start of the season. His previous goal record speaks for itself, scoring 22 goals in the 13/14 season. Klopp likes all of his players to chip in with goals, not least his attacking midfield players.


Liverpool’s performance against Manchester City was the perfect example of how Klopp likes his front three or four players to be flexible and Firmino was at the centre of this. He has been used as a number 10 for most of his career but has provided Liverpool with a great option up front in recent weeks.