Transfer gaffe? Axed Liverpool starlet nets wonderful hat-trick

22-year-old Spaniard and ex-Liverpool midfielder Suso showed what he was capable of last weekend with a hat trick in Genoa’s 4-0 win over Frosinone. On loan from AC Milan, the youngster has shown what many have thought him capable of for some time.

While he did not make many appearances with the Reds, if he stayed at Anfield he could’ve filled one of their mid-season needs. At the moment, Jurgen Klopp’s only natural winger is Jordan Ibe. Although unlikely to be a first XI regular, his impressive hat trick against Frosinone brings about an argument that he could’ve played a vital role coming off the bench.

Suso’s starting to come into his own in Serie A, and Liverpool are desperate for a winger. Klopp will most likely turn to the transfer window and spend a a hefty amount of money this summer, but we have to ask, should Liverpool have given up on him so early? Or was this a fluke performance?

Check out his first career hat trick below…