Twitter Reacts – Liverpool manager gives ‘maverick’ a start

Has Brendan Rodgers lost his mind?

Perhaps those late night sessions alone in his office with nothing more than cups of tea and a chalk board have forever changed the Liverpool manager. Yes he came up with the ‘3-5-2’. But now ‘3-5-2’ appears broken. And Rodgers has turned to Mario Balotelli.

There is no coherent argument for playing Mario Balotelli that goes past ‘you never know; he might do something good’. There are no definites with the Italian; only the faint hope that he will do the extraordinary. However, these moments of brilliance are becoming few and far between.

Rodgers must be feeling pretty desperate at the moment if he is putting his trust in the striker. He would also appear to be a bigger gambler than we thought by the fact he is willing to bet his job – as it would appear to be getting to at this stage – on Balotelli of all players.

Here are some of the best reactions to Mario Balotelli starting against West Brom:

(I’m assuming this is someone who has created a really high-level parody account:)