Why have Liverpool been so poor so far?

Liverpool were very cutting edge last season and almost got their hands on the one trophy that they so desperately want to win. A lot of credit is due to them for how close they came and for being so entertaining last season.

So much went right for them in the way that they approached going for the title. The mentality that was instilled from day one to go out and win every game that they played to the closeness and tight knit bonding within the squad – a group of players that all gelled as one and played for each-other in each and every single game and worked together to achieve their final goal. If you were an opposition team, you knew before the game had even kicked off that within the first 20 minutes the Liverpool players would have been all over you ensuring they did everything in their power to kill the game off as early as possible to bag the three points.

In a lot of games, they never seemed content with just winning, they wanted more goals right up to the final whistle, something which is quite reminiscent of the Arsenal glory days which saw them dominate the league for a couple of seasons. Brendan Rodgers was the master mind behind last season’s revolutionary Liverpool side which saw them being egged on by most neutrals as well as their own fans, purely because of how they went about conducting their business on the pitch with hunger and focus put into every tackle, every pass and every goal.

So what has changed so quickly in such a short space of time? Apart from losing their top player in Luis Suarez, they pretty much kept most of the important players that contributed to such a fantastic season last time around. They kept the same manager with the same style of play, the same hunger and desire, the same winning mentality. So why do they look so under par this season?

I’ve seen a lot of articles and opinions from Premiership managers in the press that suggest that Rodgers got his player recruitment spot on and just needs time for the new faces to settle in and start gelling together. This smacks of as poor excuse and an unrealistic observation as I have seen to describe their fortunes so far this season.

It is in fact the transfer window itself that is key to the centre of why Liverpool are so poor this season in comparison to last. Losing Suarez wasn’t as damaging as their form suggests. It was his replacement (or lack of) that caused a lot of issues; to choose Mario Balotelli (despite his obvious talent) over someone like Wilfried Bony who was available to them was a big mistake. The controversial Italian simply does not offer Liverpool what they need in terms of fire power upfront to replenish the goals that Suarez took with him to Barcelona.

Secondly the fact that Rodgers wanted to bring in the likes of Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana is simply a sideways step at best. With the up-most respect to those two players, they are simply not the type of signing which will make the difference between last May’s runner up position and this May’s Premiership winning spot.

You have to look to get better and grow your squad rather than simply replace your outgoing players. How can you ever expect to push on from a previous season’s performance if you do not keep what you have and add to it with extra marquee talent? Liverpool have spent a lot of money this summer but they have a much weaker and poorer squad than last season if you put the new recruits in the starting line-up.

This is quite simply the answer to why Liverpool are not going to emulate what they achieved last season and why they are struggling to find any sort of form. The recruitment over the summer was completely messed up by their otherwise flawless manager.

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