Why Klopp will lead Liverpool to title glory, this year

It has been the most exciting Premier League managerial appointment since the first coming of Jose Mourinho. There is still a sense of disbelief around Anfield. It’s been long over due, but Liverpool have finally made a shrewd managerial appointment.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson has voiced his concerns, fearing once again that the Reds may challenge for the title. As soon as Jurgen Klopp was appointed, Liverpool’s odds of title success were improved.

Liverpool had gone stale under Brendan Rodgers, with performances reminiscent of Roy Hodgson’s tedious reign. Many people felt Rodgers should have been sacked in the summer; instead he was given £80 million to spend on players, whom he’d coach for only three months.

If Klopp was appointed last summer, maybe players like Robert Lewandowski and Marco Reus would have signed for Liverpool, as is rumoured to be the case for next season.

For now Klopp will have to make do with what he’s got, and at first glance it may not look like much. However it is easy to forget the depth and quality Liverpool do posses. The current squad represents a succession of bulk buys, generated by the sales of Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling. Klopp’s number one priority should be to make the likes of Dejan Lovren and Roberto Firmino worth every penny of their outlay. Which is exactly why Klopp joined Liverpool, because he enjoys a working progress.

Few would argue, since the employment of Klopp, that Liverpool will not win the title in four years. However when you assess the current situation in the Premier League, Klopp would be amiss to believe that he can’t claim title glory this year.

Liverpool are six points off the top of the table, in a league deprived of an indisputable frontrunner. You wouldn’t write off Mourinho or Ferguson if they were six points off, so I would reserve judgment on Klopp until he becomes another Anfield flop. Much like in Liverpool’s 2013/14 nearly moment, the reigning champions have fallen down the table, allowing an underdog to potentially take their place.

If Liverpool are still six points off the top by the new year, then they will be in the exact same position they were in two years ago, when they nearly won the title.

The Reds have sobered since their premature open top bus parade two years ago. However with a tantalising set of fixtures to come, and a happy go lucky German coach, Liverpool fans could soon be partying like it’s Oktoberfest.

Christian Benteke and Daniel Sturridge are still yet to play together, and the partnership of Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho hasn’t been allowed to flourish. Under the guidance of Klopp, Rodgers and his transfer committee may just have pulled off a coup or two.

So Klopp has a month to convert the doubters into believers, starting with his first game away to Tottenham this weekend. He has already brainwashed the fans, but can he lead his players to potential title glory?

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