Why Liverpool bought this star, then why they shouldn’t have

Mario Balotelli is a football enigma.

Like many other players before him – on-loan Man United star Nani comes to mind – Balotelli can be one of the world’s best players one moment, and a not long after a frustrating figure on the pitch.

That point couldn’t have been demonstrated clearer than this incident last night when Liverpool faced Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Simon Mignolet picked up the ball in his box and punted it upfield, probably not expecting anything from his kick.

But ‘Super Mario’ instead of heading the ball or chesting it back to his team-mate, controlled the ball with one touch of his foot and turned his defender going into space.

It was a move with incredible Berbatov-esque technique, and many were optimistic Balotelli was starting a good counter-attack.

But lo and behold, the Italian managed to turn into the Balotelli of late, passing the ball right back to the European champions.

Why Mario? Why?