Why Liverpool’s victory last weekend will only prolong the agony

Had Liverpool only drawn, or God forbid, lost to Aston Villa last weekend, then Brendan Rodgers would probably have been sacked as Liverpool manager. This is secretly what most Liverpool fans wanted.

With Jürgen Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti waiting in the wings, you can’t blame the Anfield faithful for wishing a few bad results on their team, in exchange for a manager with the pedigree of the two just mentioned.

A narrow victory against Aston Villa at home is hardly going to propel a title bid for Liverpool, if anything it confirms that another season of mediocrity awaits them. People were almost surprised by their victory at the weekend, which has allowed fans to be optimistic ahead of the Merseyside derby.

However, it is against the character of Liverpool football club to be ‘optimistic’ or ‘hopeful’ of a derby day victory.

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Unfortunately, this is the attitude that currently surrounds Anfield at the moment. Liverpool have gone from title contenders to plucky underdogs in the space of two years. It seems that Liverpool are always a club in transition, although Rodgers is into his fourth season, so where is the consistency?

The Reds have had their difficulties, with Suarez and Gerrard leaving and the injury problems to Daniel Sturridge it hasn’t been easy.

Nonetheless, Rodgers has spent more money than any of his predecessors, so surely, as he once infamously quipped – he should be challenging for the league. It would be interesting to see how different things would be if Klopp or Ancelotti were given the time and finances Rodgers has had during his spell at Liverpool.

One thing Rodgers has done which shouldn’t be overlooked is give youth a chance to flourish in his side. A lot has been made of the fact that Liverpool will not line up with any locally born players against Everton this weekend.

There seems to be a lack of local talent coming through for Liverpool, although let’s not forget local lad Jon Flannagan, who is currently injured on the sidelines.

The Aston Villa win will not be a turning point. The Reds have been here many times before with Brendan Rodgers, surely by now the fans have learnt that he’ll never walk – so moan.

For once Liverpool need to show some ambition with their managerial appointments, and not hire the next attainable British manager in the hope that he’s going to become the next Bill Shankly.

Man United made a similar mistake when they hired David Moyes instead of trying to hire Jose Mourinho, and look how much they have regressed since.

Liverpool missed a huge opportunity this summer, they could have hired an established coach and given him plenty of money to sort things out. Instead they have just prolonged the agony by allowing Rodgers to improvise the duration of his Liverpool career, in the hope that something’s going to come off.