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Would Liverpool fans ever be able to forgive him?

Liverpool striker Luis SuarezThe Luis Suarez saga rumbled on last night, following a bid from Arsenal which typified the bizarreness of the Uruguayan’s time in England.

As it turned out, what was supposed to be that all important £1, tagged onto the end of £40m, did little other than to reaffirm the fact that Liverpool want Suarez to stay at Anfield.

He himself has repeated his intention to leave however, despite having made an 18-minute cameo appearance in the Merseyside club’s 2-0 friendly win against Melbourne Victory today.

Suarez’s reasoning has ranged a lot, with countless different purposes cited, leaving his ultimate motive decidedly blurred.

“I have a family, a daughter, and I am not prepared to keep enduring the English press,” he told Sport 890, a Uruguayan radio station, in an interview at the end of May.

That said, Liverpool fans could not be blamed for thinking that at least if their number seven was to leave, he would not end up facing them in the Premier League.

However, Suarez was quoted in the Sunday Sun just over a week ago, saying: “If I receive an important offer to progress my career, I will study it. Some clubs have asked about me but I hand questions over to my agent. I am no stranger to rumours. I always want to improve. That’s why I left Ajax for Liverpool.

“But this club needs to fight to enter the Champions League and, when it doesn’t happen, it damages the morale of any player. So I’ve suffered. It is hard to view the Premier League every week with never a chance of winning it.”

Those comments have been followed in the last few days by revelations that Suarez wants to sit down with Arsenal and discuss a possible move to the Emirates.

Could Suarez ever be looked at in the same light again by Liverpool fans then? Perhaps a more apt question might be whether he could be looked at in a positive light again, however small.

Football fans are known for their loyalty to their clubs and their players.

What the Anfield faithful have forgiven Suarez for is really nothing short of remarkable, in comparison to the actions which fans usually have to tolerate from their heroes.

The Patrice Evra race row now seems so long ago, what with things that have occurred since, but Liverpool fans will not have forgotten the embarrassment brought upon Kenny Dalglish and the club.

Suarez of course denied making any racially motivated comments, giving supporters a good reason to back their man.

However, an incident like that is normally enough to ensure a player does not make another mistake of such catastrophic proportions.

So for Suarez to bite Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in April was particularly shocking. The confrontation brought Liverpool into disrepute again and for many Liverpool fans it was the last tether.

Those few that continued to back him though, now have an imminent move to one of their fiercest Premier League rivals to ponder.

The atmosphere when Luis Suarez’s name is next read out at Anfield will be interesting. If the next time it is read out is when he returns there to lead Arsenal’s attack, the response ought to be particularly interesting. To say the least.

On the other side of the coin, Liverpool fans could consider the time to be right for a move away, no matter where, what with Suarez’s history.

It seems unlikely, but perhaps if a transfer occurred now, just maybe, Liverpool fans might come to be thankful for the goals scored by Suarez in a period that they have been struggling to dominate Premier League opposition like they are used to doing.

Since signing for the Reds just, believe it or not, two and a half years ago in January 2011, he has scored 51 goals in 96 appearances.

At the moment however, considering the implications of Suarez leaving Liverpool is a redundant train of thought.

They value him at £50m and do not want to sell. In fact, last night, owner John W. Henry tweeted the question ‘what do you think they’re smoking over there at the Emirates?’

Believing that Suarez will not depart, Liverpool supporters who feel angry towards the striker will have no option than to forgive him for his comments this summer.

At first, noises from the crowd could be tetchy, but one imagines he will recapture his goalscoring vein of form on return from his suspension, which will inevitably go some way to helping his relationship with the crowd.

Considering all the different future responses Suarez could receive from the red half of Merseyside, the eyes of the football world will be firmly focused on Anfield come the start of the season.

And only time will tell what reaction he will receive.

Article title: Would Liverpool fans ever be able to forgive him?

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