Magic of the Cup in tatters as Cup weekend bores all

The FA Cup has been on the wane for years now, but never quite to the extent that this weekend has shown. Where we once were filled with joy at the prospect of cupsets, attacking football and drama in every fixture, the weekend now drags on as we pull ourself from fixture to fixture with the hope of some intrigue.

Like a drunken tramp moving from bus stop to bus stop trying to cadge a cigarette, the FA Cup searches for relevance but meets only with disgusted glances from PL sides with bigger fish to fry.

Even Hull City had the audacity to name a weakened side as they travelled to the Emirates, the cup is crumbling before our very eyes and the FA’s increasing desperation to keep some relevance in our dear old trophy.

The calmest, most charming manager of the lot, Manuel Pellegrini said: “I think it’s not a real game, of course … We told them one week ago that we are going to play with a young team. If the people want to continue going to the stadium or Chelsea fans will enjoy that game, I don’t know.”

Much like your grandparents quips were acceptable and socially relevant once upon a time, the FA Cup is drifting into the abyss of irrelevance alongside the Sinclair C5 and cassettes. The Cup will still always hold a nostalgic place in our hearts.