Man City fans bring the Emptyhad atmosphere to SoccerAM

It has become a recurring joke in the Premier League over the last few years that two-time title winners Manchester City often struggle to fill their 55, 097 capacity Etihad Stadium.

Plenty of reasons have been speculated as to why, such as the continuous traffic problems that inevitably plague a city as big as Manchester, the general outrageousness of ticket prices nowadays and well, because a club who were plying their trade in the second tier less than 15 years ago don’t actually have that many fans.

Here are but a few examples of the Etihad Stadium failing to sell out, courtesy of Twitter:

Even on FIFA16 they struggle!

Today, City’s inability to get bums on seats reached new, rather epic proportions. I’m sure you’re all well acquainted with Soccer AM and their customary Fans of the Week gimmick, where a group of supporters chant songs from a studio sofa before failing spectacularly at trying to score past a cut-out of Manuel Neuer?

Well, today was City’s turn and their selection of supporter representatives couldn’t even fill up the Soccer AM sofa!

Even they look a little embarrassed about it…