Man City, Tottenham, Man United… SEVEN of the best Prem celebrations

Last night Peter Crouch was once again up to his old tricks. The beanpole striker headed (shocker) a goal for Stoke before producing a bizarre celebration, something many are coining ‘The Crab’. ‘Crouchie’ is renowned for his ‘Robot Dance’ during a 2006 friendly against Jamaica for England, and he can always be relied upon for a laugh.

His antics against Newcastle got us at FFC Towers thinking, and we’ve been through the archives to find seven of the most iconic celebrations in Premier League history. We’ve kept clear of such efforts as the Robbie Keane ‘roll ‘n’ shoot’ or the Tim Cahill ‘corner flag boxing’ and instead plumped for unique moments.

Get ready for a laugh…



Jimmy Bullard[/ffc-gallery]

It could be worse Nando, you could be one of these guys…

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Emmanuel Adebayor – Backlash

After joining Manchester City from Arsenal in a big money move that wound up the Gooners, Emmanuel Adebayor was always going to score against his old side… And when he did he ran the entire length of the pitch to slide on his knees in front of the travelling Londoners. Scenes.

Jimmy Bullard – The Phil Brown

With a 5-1 loss the previous year at the home of Manchester City, Phil Brown gave his Tigers half-time team talk on the pitch in a bid to make it clear to his players that things were not right. Next time around Jimmy Bullard slammed home a penalty kick and quickly mocked his gaffer’s act by ticking off his fellow players… Oh Jimmy.

Eric Cantona – The King

If ever a single goal celebration summed up a player’s persona it was Eric Cantona’s wonderfully self-indulgent effort. The Frenchman produced a fantastic chip against Sunderland before milking in the praise…

Jurgen Klinsmann – The Dive

When Jurgen Klinsmann joined Spurs in 1994 he came with a reputation as a ‘diver’ after irking English fans for the part he played in knocking the Three Lions out of the World Cup. So what did he do? Slid on his belly after his first goal to poke fun at the fans… Germans do have a sense of hour after all!

Luis Suarez – The Dive (NO. 2)

In the build-up to the Merseyside derby in the 2012/13 season, Luis Suarez was getting some serious flack off of opposition managers for his acts of simulation. And when David Moyes weighed in with his own take on the Uruguayan’s antics, it was all scripted to blow up in the Scot’s face during game. Sure enough Suarez rifled the ball home – with the help of a deflection – and promptly ran over to the Toffees coach to produce a tailored celebration…

Mario Balotelli – Why Always Me?

In 2011 Mario Balotelli was the man on all of the front pages for all of the wrong reasons. He was famed for his mad antics off of the pitch – including a fireworks display in his own bathroom – but some of the stories printed about him really wound up the Italian. ‘Balo’ then used the platform of the Manchester derby to vent his frustrations with the famous ‘why always me?’ t-shirt.

Temuri Ketsbaia – Angry man

Temuri Ketsbaia was angered at not being a regular in the Newcastle team in 1997/98… So when he finally got a game and scored, he lost his rag. Off came the shirt and the top layer of paint on the advertising boards as he let everyone know his feeling.