Man United and Liverpool legends troll one another

Manchester United versus Liverpool is up there with some of the most bitter rivals in world football, so it is no surprise that former Manchester United defender Gary Neville and Liverpool centre-back Jamie Carragher have continued their ‘war of worls’/banter – whatever you want to call it – into retirement.

Ever since Carragher followed Gary Neville into Sky Sports for the sport broadcaster’s Monday Night Football show, the duo can’t resist a sly dig at one another whenever they get a chance.

The latest ‘banter exchange’ – I genuinely cringed after writing that – was instigated by Neville, who represented the Red Devils from 1992-2011, with a cheeky dig at Carragher’s inability to win a Premier League title during his time on Anfield – the closest the former England international came was in the 2008/09 campaign when Neville’s United finished four points clear of the Reds at the top.

Take a look at the latest Twitter conversation between the duo, although, I’m a little sceptical this is becoming something of a staged occurrence to drum up interest in MNF – with Everton taking on West Bromwich Albion tonight, I suppose they need all the help they can get.