Man United, Arsenal… best leaked kits for 2015/16

Even though the charges for trophies and wards are still on-going, us football fans always like to have a look at leaked kits at this time of the season. Quite often new strips are on show for the final game of the campaign and for the pre-season tours, so plans from the big manufacturers and teams are firmly in place, and with technology and social media now prevalent, keeping these under wraps is near impossible.

Naturally, a fair few have been leaked already, so we’ve been trawling the internet to get them all in one place for you…

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Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.30.01

A few Arsenal offerings have made their way out so far, with a nifty home shirt doing the rounds alongside an… erm… not so nifty third shirt.

The home effort harks back to the days of the ‘Invincibles’, with a slick red and white and gold piping. Puma are again making the shirts, so expect tight, figure hugging jerseys.

Arsenal away

While a second shirt is not yet doing the rounds, a weird third shirt is about. The dark blue is slick, but a bizarre gold, turquoise and white triple half stripe somewhat ruins the effort.


Warrior are set to be no more with Liverpool, with another American brand in the shape of New Balance using the Reds as a marquee side to launch themselves in ‘soccer’. The horrible efforts of the past few seasons are gone by the looks of it, with a simple red, white and black trio of jerseys believed to be on the cards… However, on closer inspection, the home shirt seems a little table-cloth inspired.

Man United


The Nike era is over, and Adidas are back with a vengeance at Man United. There seems to be little certain about the Old Trafford side’s new efforts, though, with the only things appearing to be certain is that red, white and black will be the colours – although a navy blue shirt has also been leaked…


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 09.47.39



Only two to offer from the Saints, but they look to be pretty smart. Unlike this season, the Saints have a big brad in Adidas making up their shirts, which has created a slightly more professional feel, and South Coast supporters will be glad to see that the stripes have stayed.

The away effort is a neat green with a black diagonal stripe, which, although slightly camouflage, is smart.

Saints 2

Neither design has a sponsor, but Veho are expected to stay after signing a two-year deal ahead of the current season.


Chelsea h

Three slick efforts from Chelsea, all with new sponsor Yokohama prominent. The Blues haven’t really had an ‘out there’ shirt for a while, and the simple designs stay.

Chelsea a

The away shirt appears to be the highlight, with a neat red and blue stripe on the end of the sleeves, while the black third shirt has a mini off grey hoop going on.

Chelsea 3



Newcastle fans look as if they want this season to end now, so some fresh kit designs can get Magpies dreaming of 2015/16. As ever, black and white stripes are in place on the home effrts, but a neat blue colour and detailing separates it from the rest.

However, the possible away shirt is pretty nasty, and appears to be lifted from a goalkeeper in the mid 1990s!

Newc 2

Man City

The reliability of the source for this one is a little patchy, but Man City fans are sure to be hopeful that the kits are real. The home shirt features a lovely, thick white colour, which gives a nice retro vibe to the whole affair. The away shirt is a little more modern, with a deep blue and sky blue affair on offer. Fingers crossed!


While the possible home shirt looks smart, the away and third efforts are a little less appealing. The second shirt seems to have a bizarre blue gradient with lime green badges, while hot pink details on a black strip makes up the alternative design. They’re supposedly Nike made, though, which is good!

West Ham

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 09.46.13

With The Hammers set for their last season at Upton Park, Umbro are back and a retro vibe looks to be on the cards. There are two nice leaked efforts doing the rounds, with the claret and blue firmly in place.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 09.46.58