Man United fans will love this! Arsenal fans not so much!

Yeah, yeah, I know that Christmas time isn’t about the presents you receive, it’s about the presents you give, the time you spend with your family and all that jazz. However, now and then it is about the presents you get!

Now, no one likes an ungrateful person at Christmas, however, I think Daniel Blazer – or @DanielTBlazer as he is known on Twitter – has more than enough reason to be a little miffed during the season of goodwill.

Daniel, an ardent Arsenal fan who loves reading books around the beautiful game, as always, was bought a football-based book by his mum for Christmas.

Lovely, no problem with that; a very appropriate gift that Daniel would’ve been grateful to receive.

That is until you realise that the book Daniel unwrapped on Christmas Day was covered from front page to back cover in Robin van Persie and in a Manchester United shirt.

Safe to say that Daniel’s mum has had an absolute mare here. And, yes, I am producing editorial around myself!