Man United trio, Spurs flop… Five young talents who wasted away their careers

Football is awash with talented players who never quite reached their potential.

Most of these lads were hugely able and big things were expected of them, but they let social factors and other aspects get in the way of their development on the pitch.

As fans, there are obviously things we don’t know about their private lives – problems that we couldn’t comprehend.

However, every follower of the beautiful game just wants to see the greatest players flourish and when someone disappoints in football, there is no hiding place.

In the news at the moment is promising midfielder Jack Grealish and his obvious troubles at Aston Villa. We’re hoping that we don’t have to add him to this list in years to come.

Unfortunately, though, we at Football Fancast headquarters have compiled a list of the five young starlets who wasted their immense talent. See if you agree with our five selections.