Man United’s three best Boxing Day goals

You can’t beat Boxing Day, can you?

Turkey sandwiches, hangovers, a hidden gem of a present you shamefully wrote off on Christmas and, of course, the football.

For Manchester United fans, Boxing Day is usually even more special. The Red Devils have won more Premier League matches than any side on December 26th. Playing on the date 21 times since the Premier League began, they’ve won an incredible 18 times and have only lost once.

There have been some classic Man United moments on the date, from famous comeback wins to absolute demolitions.

United fans must be hoping their good Boxing Day form carries on to this year, too, as they face Sunderland at home in Premier League action.

With all those victories, you’d expect there to be some great goals along the way and you’d be right.

Let’s take a look at the THREE best Manchester United goals scored on Boxing Day…