Ex-Man City star’s old payslip shows an incredible £300k tax per month

Ever wondered what a Premier League footballer gets paid?

When you hear the astronomical wages that the top stars get paid, what we often forget is that these wages are usually quoted as a weekly wage, which really undersells the overall monthly pay packet. 

So when you see this payslip Manchester City issued to their former striker Carlos Tevez, it’s an incredibly impressive wage. 

The other hugely marked thing about this leaked photo is the amount of tax that such high earning stars pay to the treasury. Even though Tevez earns over £700,000 per month, he pays over £300,000 in tax! The amount that Tevez pays in tax is the kind of money that most Football League clubs would consider steep when talking about a potential transfer fee!

This Tevez payslip, dated March 2010 and recently resurfaced, also shows that he gets paid a standard wage and an accommodation allowance of £20,000 (as if that’s necessary). It also shows that he has to pay for his own tickets to take family and friends to see a match (bit harsh).

On top of that, there’s a particularly hard-hitting FA fine of £24! Ouch …