First pizza, now this… Man City boss has banned another favourite

Pep Guardiola has banned mobile phone use among his squad when they’re together in order to improve team spirit.

Manchester City defender Pablo Zabaleta has revealed to TYC Sports that the Spaniard, who took over at the club in the summer, has turned off the Wi-Fi and blocked 3G signals in the changing rooms of the CGA complex so the players interact with each other instead.

The Argentine also said Guardiola makes the players have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, rather than letting them arrive late or leave early to eat at home.

While you would expect some may not be happy about this, Zabaleta says that the players accept Guardiola’s strict methods as they are what makes him one of the best coaches in the world.

He told TYC Sports: “You always want and dream to be trained by the best coaches, and today I have the opportunity to work with one of the best. Actually, you learn a lot, especially the way how you should live. Beyond the knowledge of his idea, you see the passion with which he lives for football.”

Whatever Guardiola is doing appears to be working, as Man City have lost only one of their first 11 games in all competitions and are currently top of the Premier League.

Banning mobile phone use is not the ex-Barcelona man’s first move of this kind, with the tactician having also barred his players from eating pizza.

Guardiola joined the Citizens after successful spells at the Nou Camp and Bayern Munich, in which he won a combined 21 titles.