Five images that told the story of Manchester City’s night in Barcelona

Lathered in narrative, there was only one man who was going to be centre stage at the Camp Nou on Wednesday night. Pep Guardiola’s return to the place where he became a legend as a player and a manager was emotional for many a Barcelona fan, naturally.

It is hard to know what the true fairy tale would’ve been at the Camp Nou. However, it certainly wasn’t Manchester City getting thrashed like they did. Humiliation after humiliation defensively saw Barcelona pick them apart and wait for each mistake to allow Lionel Messi to notch yet another hat-trick. Things conspired against Manchester City, but it is hard to have a great deal of sympathy with a team that aid their own downfall.

The narrative will be wrung out by fans and pundits alike for the following few days and Guardiola will undoubtedly have questions to answer from the press about the exclusion of Sergio Aguero.

Things can only get better from here for Manchester City and they won’t face many tasks as tricky as this. Here are five of the images that sum up the tale of the evening…