Former Man City star brings home the bacon

balotelli pigAnother day, another act of flamboyance from our good friend Mario Balotelli.

We’ve had fireworks and the fire brigade in his house, we’ve had darts thrown at fellow players, we’ve even had a rendition on the piano from the great man. One has to wonder how Balotelli keeps surprising football fans around the world with his unique lifestyle choices.

However this week is no different. Using Twitter to blast out his genius acts of randomness, he has introduced an estimated 1.1 million followers to the newest member of his family, who also happens to be a PIG! When tweeting a picture of the pet he also revealed he has named her Super!

The reference is there but wouldn’t Luigi have been a better name for his new friend? There also seemed to be confusion about whether the pig was male or female. In an equally comedic tweet Balotelli explained: “Actually can’t find the willy so I think is a she ahahahabut maybe a he! Ahaha”.

I’m wondering what next week will bring from the Italian…

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