Has Fergie come back to sabotage City’s title charge?

Manchester City fans far and wide must have let out a collective sigh of relief the day that Alex Ferguson, legendary manager of arch rivals Manchester United, finally decided to call it a day and retire from the game.

The architect of many a derby day victory for the Red Devils over many a year, City could finally start dreaming of asserting their dominance in Fergie’s absence and reduce United, for once, to the role of ‘noisy neighbours’.

With this in mind, imagine the shock and understandable horror on the faces of City fans going into Sunday’s clash with Arsenal when the exact double of Ferguson appeared at the Etihad, unconvincingly disguised in a City jacket.

A striking coincidence? An evil twin? Or a dastardly plan by the Scot to foil City’s attempts at regaining the Premier League title? The man’s true identity and motives will forever remain a mystery…

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