Man City Star “Unhappy” At Rumours He’s Unhappy

Yaya Toure has broken his silence over the rumours he was unhappy over the summer to say that he’s really unhappy about it.

“Over the summer there was a lot of speculation about birthday cakes and rubbish like that. It was disappointing for me.”

Toure was believed to be upset after his agent revealed he did not receive a cake for his 31st birthday:

“None of them shook his hand on his birthday. It’s really sick”, said Toure’s representative Dimitri Seluk at the time.

And these comments were backed-up by the Ivorain:

“Everything Dimitri said is true. He speaks for me. I will explain after the World Cup,” Toure promised.

However, after having time to think on it, Toure has apparently come to the conclusion that throwing a hissy fit over not getting a cake on your birthday from your employers who pay you £200k a week isn’t the most mature response from a 31-year-old.