Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling: Would he get into Liverpool’s front three?

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Figuring out if a quality player could be shoehorned into another top tier side – it’s something pundits just seem to love doing, isn’t it?

Manchester City and Liverpool are the two top sides in England. Therefore, it’s only natural that the best players from their respective sides receive the aforementioned treatment.

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Today, it was Raheem Sterling’s turn. Lucky him.

The England forward has been enjoying himself again this year with Premier League champions City, having already helped himself to five goals in four top flight games. That’s more than Mohamed Salah, who’s on three, and Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, who have both netted just twice

So, which of these stars would concede their position? TalkSPORT’s Darren Gough discusses…

We can already hear Liverpool’s band of loyal supporters breaking down on social media as they spontaneously combust over the sheer prospect that another player is being considered better than one of their own.

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