Pokemon Go craze hits Man City as fans turn up to battle it out

Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium has been converted into a Pokemon gym following the release of the hugely popular iPhone and Android app Pokemon Go, which was released by Nintendo in the UK yesterday.

In a craze which has taken the world by storm, players can now find their favourite pocket monsters of years gone by in real life locations. The new app uses GPS tracking and aims to get aspiring Pokemon trainers everywhere to get up and literally ‘go’ in an attempt to catch ’em all in their local area.

Another feature of the record-breaking app – which became the fastest ever to reach the top spot on mobile revenue chart – is that players are able to ‘battle’ it out and try and take control of local gyms.

In a strange twist, the Etihad Stadium is indeed one of those gyms, meaning City fans and Pokemon fans can quite literally fight with their beloved partners to take control of The Sky Blues’ home ground.

The club tweeted the news recently, ordering a challenge to local trainers to bring their Pikachus, Bulbasaurs and Charizards down to the Etihad to try and claim the biggest Pokemon Gym in Manchester.

Pep Guardiola will be hoping it’s the football and not the wild Pokemon that are bringing fans to the Etihad next season…