Should Roberto Mancini show more faith in Carlos Tévez?

It is likely that Manchester City are still reeling from their defeat at home to rivals Manchester United earlier this month, despite winning at Newcastle on Saturday.

It can also be guessed that they will not be entirely happy with how the season has gone so far, being six points behind Manchester United in the Premier League table and exiting the Champions League.

Many have questioned manager Roberto Mancini’s decision to start with Mario Balotelli, rather than starting Carlos Tévez and Sergio Aguero together.

Carlos Tévez may have had his issues in the past, but should Roberto Mancini pick him more to get Manchester City back to the top of the Premier League?

Despite the past achievements of Carlos Tévez, the suggestion that he should be played together with Argentina team mate Sergio Aguero more and the questions over the wisdom of selecting Mario Balotelli, Roberto Mancini still seems reluctant to start the forward.

Whether Roberto Mancini is not starting him because of strategy or because he wants to give problematic player Mario Balotelli a chance to shine or prove himself, or whether he thinks it will make Mario Balotelli feel more wanted, with the effect that Carlos Tévez has had when he has played recently, could it not be said that it would help Manchester City’s cause to start him more?

Many have given the opinion that Carlos Tévez changed the game at the weekend when he came on for the last 38 minutes of it. He was commended for changing the game’s atmosphere, running around, giving the defenders work to do, challenging and more, while Mario Balotelli was criticised, with complaints including that he did not play in a pressing fashion and appeared lost. Additionally, the pass Carlos Tévez made to Yaya Touré created the first goal of the game for Manchester City.

Additionally, Manchester City lost when Carlos Tévez did not start. What happened when he started against Newcastle on Saturday? Perhaps inevitably, Manchester City won 3-1.

While I personally believe that Mario Balotelli at times is viewed too harshly by critics and can be a good striker, could it be said that as Mario Balotelli has scored just one goal in the Premier League so far this season, and with Carlos Tévez scoring more than quadruple that, that the Argentinean should be making Manchester City’s starting line-ups?

Could it be said that the manager still has some trust issues with the forward after his antics in 2011 and earlier this year? Carlos Tévez caused controversy with apparently refusing to come on as a substitute in the infamous game against Bayern Munich, making transfer requests and the interview he gave claiming the manager treated him like a dog, but could it be said that they should have moved on from this and that he may have proved by now that he is committed to Manchester City’s cause?

It does seem that people want to see Carlos Tévez have a more prominent role at Manchester City. Former Manchester City manager Joe Royle has expressed how he believes Carlos Tévez should get more starts saying: “If I were manager, Tévez would be the first name on my team-sheet. I couldn’t care less if he never scored; he creates things for other people by his movement and energy. He creates the pace of the game.”

It could be said that Carlos Tévez has had a chequered past with Manchester City. However, with the club being behind Manchester United in the Premier League table, do the club have to have Carlos Tévez in starting line-ups more to become Premier League champions again?
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Article title: Should Roberto Mancini show more faith in Carlos Tévez?

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