Shut up, Joe… Man City ace spouting absolute rubbish

Sergio Aguero is better than Lionel Messi… yeah, that’s right… AGUERO BETTER THAN MESSI. Well, that’s what Manchester City and England goalkeeper Joe Hart thinks. When quizzed on the battle of the Argentines, the stopper said:

“Messi is absolutely awesome, but I’m backing Sergio because he’s my player,” he’s quoted by ESPN.

“Just working with him on a daily basis and, from what I’ve seen this season, the best is probably Aguero. He just knows how to score.

“We’ve got a good team, but in training he excites you most days and he’s also got that ability on the day to do it. He’s got the skill to turn a long clearance into a goal because he’s got that ability to take it round five people and score. It’s a great thing to have.

“Sergio is a very natural player and in a one-on-one situation there is nothing complicated about it. He takes that option to score.”

Well, that got us thinking, does Joe have a point? After all, he’s a top class goalkeeper and has played against both players, so surely he knows what he’s on about?

Well, the numbers suggest that he doesn’t have a clue and is perhaps blinded by club loyalty and friendship, with Messi having ran rings around Aguero so far this season. In both league and Champions League action the five-time world player of the year has out-scored and out-assisted his compatriot, while also registering better stats in terms of take ons and shot accuracy… basically every single characteristic that defines a forward, then!

Aguero vs Messi

Numbers crunched by Squawka