The top 10 Manchester City Twitter accounts you need to follow

Over the past few years, Manchester City have emerged into a huge title contender on a consistent basis ever since the arrival of a host of world class talent. They are now top of the Premier League table after what was seen as an amazing start to the new campaign.

City have raised their reputation from just another Manchester club into an English powerhouse, capable of competing with local rivals Manchester United on a yearly basis. Twitter has now emerged as a way in which fans from all over the globe can come together and discuss all things related to their favourite clubs.

With the introduction of Twitter, everyone can be reconnected with the club’s fanbase as well as expect the latest news, views, and speculation coming out of the Etihad. It’s always good to keep updated with the mentioned accounts in order for you to be able to keep updated with all the transfer dealings form the club.

So here are the top ten accounts that all Manchester City fans should be following!

1. @ManCityMEN

Followers: 57,600 – First off the list is an account which connects you directly to a source for all things Manchester City. Manchester Evening News is a website highlighting the everyday dealings from the Etihad, meaning you can get an up-to-date insight into everything from transfer rumours all the way to injury news.

2. @StuBrennanMEN

Followers: 20,700 – This next one coincides with the previous account given that Stuart Brennan is a reporter for Manchester Evening News. Apart from your usual day to day news, following this profile can also provide you with an opinion based look coming straight from someone who knows a thing or two.

3. @baileymcfc

Followers: 15,200  – Keeping the entries connected to one another, here is another account that is worth look at. Chris Bailey is the editor in chief of the official Manchester City website along with other official content related to the club. Apart from your daily dose of news, you can also be connected to interesting facts and opinions.

4. @Etihad_Stadium

Followers: 50,200 – The next account looks like they are combining a number of various Tweets from all over social media into one place. Apart from news, you will also have access to interesting facts as well as some funny content found via various pages.

5. @FrannyLee7

Followers: 36,300 – Apart from following a number of unofficial accounts, it’s always nice to keep updated with somebody who has actually represented Manchester City at one point in their life. Franny Lee is that exact person having represented England and has played for clubs such as Derby, Bolton, and most importantly City.

6. @Church_of_MCFC

Followers: 5,840 – Here is another interesting account which pulls in die-hard Manchester City fans given that they promote the club as though it was a religion. Apart from the usual dealings coming out of the Etihad, this profile also provides you with various interesting facts and content.

7. @bluemoon_mcfc

Followers: 9,810 – This next account keeps you updated with Manchester City via their daily Tweets regarding all the current events around the club. From first half showings all the way to injuries on international duty, this profile is bound to let you know if anything big or even small is going on at the Etihad.

8. @mcfcforum

Followers: 12,400 – The account we would like to introduce next is this one, a profile which serves as a connection between the website,, and the rest of social media. Apart from promoting their page, they also tend to give an opinion on all the various topics relating with Manchester City in some way or another.

9. @markbooth_mcfc

Followers: 5,816 – Here is another account which follows the day to day tweets of a journalist who writes for Manchester City. Apart from getting news and updates straight from the source, following this page could also give u access to information that may not be found on other news outlets.

10. @RobPollard_

Followers: 5,956 – The final account on the list looks to be a very reliable source of football news, especially those coming out of Manchester City. The person running the profile seems to be involved with a majority of various news outlets, being a correspondent for Bleacher Report as well as working with Mirror Football, Manchester Evening News, Squaka, Goal, and Typical City.