Video of young Man City fan surprised by Pep Guardiola is totally adorable

It’s not every day you see something this adorable, certainly not when it comes to football. And definitely not when it comes to the summer transfer window period.

A dystopian stretch of transfer rumours and all-you-can-eat Paul Pogba news seems to be all we can look forward to for the next few weeks. Pre-season friendlies just won’t cut it when it comes to filling that football shaped hole in your life at the moment.

And that’s where social media comes in. This is the time of the year that clubs can really give their fans what they want across the internet, at least, they can do when they’re not being cringeworthy on Twitter. Which, to be fair, is par for the course these days.

But step forward Manchester City, who took the opportunity to welcome Pep Guardiola to Manchester City by filming him meeting and greeting a – real hero of a – City-supporting youngster.

In the heartwarming video, City fan Braydon thinks he’s being picked up by former City kitman and all-round club legend Chappy, but is adorably surprised when he realises that it is in fact the real-life Pep Guardiola in the back seat of the car!

It’s a wonderful video that at least makes a difference from the endless transfer rumours and lets us all see a light side of the club. Well done to City for breaking up the endless conveyor belt of pointless rumours.

Unless, of course, this video leads to a lot of ‘Lionel Messi to City’ rumours…!