Wenger defends Guardiola’s training comments

Pep Guardiola made headlines at the weekend when he remarkably stated he didn’t train his players on defending, with his comments coming after a 4-2 defeat to Leicester City, but he’s found himself an ally in the form of a Premier League rival.

The Catalan boss has found it difficult to adjust to the intensity of the Premier League, with the Citizens campaign falling apart after a blistering start to his first year in English football, and City face a huge test this week with clashes against Watford and Arsenal.

Whilst many were stunned by Guardiola’s anti-defensive comments at the weekend, Arsene Wenger has defending the former Bayern Munich and Barcelona boss by stating the two stand for a similar style of football, in comments quoted by ESPN.

“Pep Guardiola, like myself, we are for offensive football. And when you don’t win, people question that. And that’s as simple as that.” Overall, I think what he wanted to say is that he promotes a game that is positive and I agree with him on that. You respect him for that. I believe that he doesn’t forbid his players to tackle.”

“It’s true that in the trainings you focus on your players to play an offensive game. You look at the number of games he has lost in his career, you would think that he defends quite well. For me it’s a bit the wrong debate. His teams usually defend well.”

Whilst Wenger’s comments are kind and understanding, the Frenchman will surely hope that City’s defence is AWOL once again on Sunday as his Arsenal side will look to increase the pressure upon the shoulders of Guardiola.

Sat seven points behind leaders Chelsea, City can’t afford to drop any more points this week.