Manchester United and England star bathes in Twitter praise

Wayne Rooney has had a traumatic season. The England and Manchester United captain was deemed to be the worst player in the world for most of the season by the common fan. Now, he has reached some sort of pinnacle of the game, where he is the best midfielder since Paul Scholes.

A true top player on his day, so much of it spun on a classy FA Cup semi-final performance against Everton. Fans have just been delirious with praise since…

Previously the status quo was an acceptance than Rooney could no longer co-ordinate his feet. Now, shoot more!

See, even Jason Cundy has been taken to the ‘Rooney is a brilliant midfielder’ dark side.

I mean, yeah, he’s good and all, but is he THAT good?! Passing from that sort of deeper position does tend to mean you have hours to release the ball and pick your moment, folks.

A much loved man on FA Cup Final day, is Wayne.