Manchester United and Manchester City are killing us with this one!

We’re all used to half and half scarves. Like a population dealing with death and disease, we don’t like them, but they’ve become part of our everyday lives. We have learnt to deal. We are desensitised.

But sometimes there’s something that happens that is just so out of our comfort zone, that is just so awful that we sit up and take notice. The acceptable level of half and half scarf horror has been breached!

That is just crazy. If you’re a City fan, you may have some sort of psychological twitch every Christmas period, developed over years of having to see the entire symbol of the commercial period dressed in Manchester United red. It makes sense to want to switch him to sky blue – even if that may be taking local rivalries to dangerously unhealthy levels. But the half and half Santa just has to go!

Stoke City v Manchester City – LIVE

I thought I’d seen it all when I witnessed this:

The Santa takes half and half-ing to a whole new level. Our sensibilities have been offended, our footballing way of life is under attack. Someone, please, do something to halt the madness!