Anderson questions Ferdinand’s decision

Manchester United defender Rio FerdinandFormer Manchester United defender Viv Anderson has questioned Rio Ferdinand’s decision not to wear a Kick It Out t-shirt at the weekend.

The England centre-half refused to wear the organisation’s banner in a protest to what he sees as a lack of impact of the anti-racism group.

Ferdinand was berated by Sir Alex Ferguson due to his decision, and Anderson feels that the veteran may well have made an error.

“You can see the manager was fuming and he clearly didn’t know anything about it,” Metro quote Anderson as saying.

“He expects his senior boys to set an example. He is the manager. If he says we are all doing it together, it should be the end of the story.

“But Rio has gone the other way. I don’t see where he is coming from and I don’t know what it is going to achieve.

“Some of the fines are bordering on being pathetic.

“In one instance the fine was £40,000. It is a nonsense. If it was millions, the associations would soon react to it and say we don’t want these people in the grounds.

“The Kick It Out campaign is very good. They are doing their best to alleviate this problem,” he concluded.

Ferdinand is incensed over the lenient punishment handed down to Chelsea’s John Terry, who has been found guilty of racially abusing the United man’s brother Anton.

It has been a dark period for football as the number of instances of racism in the game have been exaggerated in the last two years.