Are fans turning on the Man United manager?

Attack, attack, attack, sing the Manchester United fans. ‘We’re Man United, we want to attack’. Cringe.

Meanwhile their team tries their best to attack, but they can’t quite muster the effort.

And then a goal from Wayne Rooney bursts the bubble of tension and there’s a sweet release of relief.

Because when you bring off Anthony Martial and replace him with Marouane Fellaini. When you anger your fans to that sort of extent, right when you’re in the middle of a run of no goals in almost four games, it really needs to pay off.

One goal, one win won’t make much of a difference. United need to show that they can actually score goals on a regular basis. The problems still exist.

So even though it’s a must-win game, and even though they’ve managed to get themselves a goal, the same problems persist. And, despite their relief, the natives are getting restless.