Does this superstar fit the Manchester United mould?

Peter Schmeichel has been quoted as saying Zlatan Ibrahimovic was ‘built’ to play at Manchester United. Schmiechel believes Zlatan could have a Cantona-esque influence over Louis Van Gaal’s side, because of the freedom players are given at Manchester United.

Is he right: should Ibrahimovic join Manchester United?

Zlatan has played in the Eredivisie, Ligue 1, La Liga and Serie A. Surely, his next move would be the Premier League. Ibra will be turning 34 this year, so time is running out for the Swede, although his form is not dropping.

Realistically, he only has a few years left of his playing career, so why not try another league before hanging his boots up for good?

Ibra would be the 20 goals a season striker Louis Van Gaal has been looking for. Zlatan has 17 goals and 3 assists to his name for this season thus far. A partnership with Wayne Rooney or Robin Van Persie – or even all three – would be the one to beat in the Premier League should Ibra join United.

If Angel di Maria’s shirts were the most popular this season, could you imagine the shirt sales for Zlatan? He is one of the biggest names in football, and one of the most interesting players out there. Manchester United would make an absolute fortune over ‘Ibrahimovic’ shirts.

One of the only issues with Zlatan joining United would be his enormous ego. He famously refers to himself in third person, and has compared himself to God. Zlatan’s ego is one of the things that makes him who he is, but over inflated egos will be a ‘no go’ at Old Trafford.

Another issue would be how much it would cost to lure Zlatan out of the big money club that is Paris Saint Germain. Louis Van Gaal has already spent over £150 million during his time as Manchester United manager – a figure that is brought up at any given opportunity – so how much would this single player cost?

The British transfer record was already broken by the Angel di Maria signing, but could Zlatan break it once more?

Ibrahimovic would be an amazing addition to almost any side, but would be perfect for United. It would take a lot to bring Ibra to the Premier League, but were he to move to England, arguably there would only be two sides he would join.

If he didn’t make the move to LVG’s United, he would play under Jose Mourinho in London. Ibrahimovic has stated he regrets that he only played under Mourinho for a year at Inter Milan.

Who knows where Zlatan Ibrahimovic will end up playing next year and there is a high chance he will still be a PSG player. But, if Van Gaal and Ed Woodward managed to bring in di Maria, anything is possible at Manchester United.