Fans can’t agree as Neville comes out in support of Sky colleague Carragher

Jamie Carragher was caught on camera spitting at a car containing a 14-year-old girl as he saw red when her dad goaded him in the aftermath of Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Carragher held it together well on Sky Sports in the aftermath of the defeat, remaining calm despite being visibly upset that his former club had again showed their soft centre and lost a game in which they dominated possession almost throughout.

However, the former Reds defender lost his rag on his way home and has been suspended by Sky for his actions, as well as being dropped by Danish television company TV3 from the role he was due to take up for them in commenting on United’s next match, the Champions League last sixteen match against Sevilla at Old Trafford.

As Carragher’s job appears to hang by a thread, one man who has come out in support of him is his Sky Sports colleague Gary Neville.

They may have spent their playing careers on opposing sides of the most bitter rivalry in English football but the pair are now the best pundits in the UK and Neville has launched an impassioned defence of his former rival.

It is fair to say that Neville’s comments have split opinion. Most people can agree that Carragher’s actions were incredibly low but they cannot reach a consensus on how he should be punished.

Should he be sacked by Sky Sports or would a suspension, coupled with a sincere apology, suffice? We’ve taken a closer look at the issue that has seen a United legend stand with a Liverpool one but has also divided football fans…