Five ‘champagne footballers’ to bring the good days back to Man United

Recently, Manchester United legend Gary Neville has claimed that the days of ‘champagne football’ that have seen the Red Devils dominate English football the past two decades are no more.

Man United have always been a team that has utilized attacking football under Sir Alex Ferguson, with the Scot preferring a quick-passing game and countering at pace on the break.

But this year with Louis van Gaal in charge, United have been referred to as a ‘long-ball team’, in which their tactics have been limited to launching the ball into the opposition box in the hopes that a player wins an aerial duel leading up to a goal.

It’s a far cry from the aesthetically pleasing football seen by fans all over the world, but with the money, time, and the right management, the club are certain they can get the champagne football flowing at Old Trafford once again.

With that in mind, here are FIVE SIGNINGS to bring ‘champagne football’ back to Manchester United.

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