Five images that told the tale of Manchester United’s big win

Manchester United needed victory at Swansea on Sunday afternoon. They needed victory desperately, as Jose Mourinho began to resemble the rugged, stressed third season version of himself rather than the excitable, positive, scheming first year incarnation.

His tenure at Manchester United could be rather short if his team continue to perform as appallingly as they have for the majority of this season. Letting opposition teams expose them defensively and failing to finish chances, the vulgar amount of money spent last summer is look pretty laughable at the moment. Mourinho, even in his most stubborn of moods, would admit that things are at an almost disastrous level at the moment.

Fortuitously, Swansea have been having a woeful campaign of their own. Their own struggles, which were added to by defeat at Stoke on Monday, have been well documented. Victory for Manchester United might not have been quite a shock, but it certainly was not a guarantee before the game.