FIVE of the best Manchester United transfer window virals

The Internet has come a long way in recent years. The evolution of media being so readily accessible online, coupled by the mass use of smart phones has prompted the wide use of social media sites being inundated with updates and links every second.

Twitter and facebook have been home to millions upon millions of people constantly informing people of their daily routine, but it has also allowed the British public to become aware of the goings on of a celebrity life. Virals relating to players and clubs are the latest phenomenon to have come about, and as such throughout the transfer window, many clubs, including Manchester United became the recipients of Premiership-style banter.

Whether it be a twitter post relating to a player at the club, some comical video of a player, or indeed a mock-interview as is evident below, much has been made of this window in the way of virals.

Check out five of the funniest Man Utd virals that have been doing the social media rounds over the summer months below.