Five things Mourinho must do to succeed at Manchester United

Wherever Jose Mourinho has gone so far in his career, he has had success.

Whether it was at Porto, Real Madrid, Chelsea or Inter Milan – where Mourinho has gone; trophies have normally followed.

However, at Manchester United – a very new and different challenge awaits the prolific Portuguese manager; and one that will require a different approach than has been needed previously.

He will need to achieve a number of feats, both immediately and on a long-term basis, in order to qualify his reign as having been a success.

With that, here are FIVE things that Jose Mourinho must do to succeed at Manchester United…

Bring The Best Out of His Stars


Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United revolution over this summer has been well documented in the British press, and with that comes an inherent need to bring the best out of new signings and current stars.

Manchester United are paying massive sums of money to have players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Eric Bailly play for them, not to mention the cost of players currently in the squad like Wayne Rooney.

Man Utd bosses will be demanding that Wayne Rooney gets back into form, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic bags 25 goals next season; and if that doesn’t happen – Jose Mourinho will be to blame.

To succeed, Mourinho MUST get the best out of all of his players.

Utilise the Youth

Paul Pogba

It has been a major denigration of Jose Mourinho in recent years, but it is one that he will have to get past to succeed at Manchester United – he must produce and bring through new stars.

The Manchester United academy has been hugely successful in recent years, and is full of players with world class potential.

Jose Mourinho must look towards this academy and give players an opportunity to shine; both the fans and the club ownership demand it.

On a long term basis the club cannot afford to be spending £200+ million every summer, especially when the home grown talent is available for the world to see.

The club made a huge mistake letting Paul Pogba go for nothing after not giving him a chance; and are now being forced to pay £100 million to recover that mistake…that CANNOT happen again if Mourinho wants to succeed.

Win The Premier League

Premier League trophy

An obvious one.

To solidify his legitimacy at Manchester United; Mourinho must fire the club back to the top of the Premier League.

Both David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal failed to do so, and as a result they paid for it with their jobs, and their legacy will suffer for it.

Jose Mourinho is not used to failing in this regard, and for him to stay at United for more than a couple of years; he must bring immediate success in the form of Premier League trophies.

Avoid Controversy

LVG Mourinho

It has been earmarked as the main reason for Jose Mourinho’s fall from grace at Chelsea; Jose Mourinho seems to always be involved in some sort of controversy.

Whether it be issues with the press, or personal issues with staff members; drama is never far behind.

The Jose Mourinho Eva Carneiro saga has been described as the beginning of the end by some experts; and Jose Mourinho cannot afford for a similar situation to arise at United.

He must remain cool under pressure, refrain from both on the pitch and off the pitch controversy – and focus on winning.

Long Term Man Management


Another issue that befell upon Mourinho during his time at Chelsea; he must learn to deal with player power and perfect his training methods to best suit his players.

He reportedly fell out with much of the Chelsea core, which in turn seemingly led to an in-house revolt against the Chelsea boss. This then eventually led to poor results and led to the end of Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea tenure.

At United he must be different. There are a lot of big personalities at the club, and he must learn to appeal to them long term. His methods usually work for a season or two, but then fall off.

To get to the next level in his career, to cement a legacy and produce a dynasty; he MUST learn to better man manage his players over a longer period of time.