Has Mourinho hinted at his next Man United transfer move?

Jose Mourinho can be characterised as several things, whether as a football savant, curmudgeon or managerial legend.

Now, we can add “cryptic instagrammer” to the list.

In the midst of the Paul Pogba-to-United saga, Mourinho instagrammed a photo of him sitting in the Carrington offices with Sky Sports playing on the television behind him.

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Is he referring to Pogba, or does Mourinho have his eyes set on a separate transfer?

Pogba has long been linked with United, and the club recently agreed to the exorbitant terms of Juventus’ request. At this point, everyone is waiting for the deal to be finalised.

Mourinho has already had a wildly successful pre-season in his first summer as United manager. Most notably, he added Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan within a month of each other.

It seems the ‘Special One’ still isn’t satisfied.