Has Paul Pogba just dissed Man United? Or has he dissed Juventus?

Ever go to a birthday party for a person who’s in your friend group, but not really your friend?

Be honest: you’ve gone for the night out, you’ve gone for the drinks and the banter, but you haven’t really gone to wish him a happy birthday, And as a result, you don’t really know what to bring as a present. You grab the first suitable card you see, splash on the cologne and away you go.

Clearly Paul Pogba had a similar experience today. You’re going to meet Canadian rapper Drake. You know it’s going to happen, you know he’s a ‘soccer’ fan, and you know he’s recently been pictured in a Juventus shirt.

Perhaps you also know that you’re not going to be a Juventus player for much longer. But we’ll stay away from that whole minefield of an area for the moment.

So what do you do? Well you do the easy thing of course! You get a Juventus shirt, you sign it and you give it to him. Everyone’s happy, no one has had to go out of their way.

So what does it mean for Manchester United in their pursuit of the player? Well, of course everyone thinks that it’s a bad sign. Then there are those believe that it’s not a bad sign. And then there’s the rest of us who simply don’t care what it means for his transfer.

Is Paul Pogba going to join Manchester United? Probably. Does that mean he’s not a big celebrity – even a hero – to Juventus fans? No. Does that means Drake needs a new piece of footballing merchandise involving yet another big club? Definitely not.