Have we finally found this Man United star’s long lost twin?

With a pretty important tournament in Brazil just around the corner, it appears fans would do pretty much anything for the chance to be there this summer.

The chance to go to the greatest sporting event in the world is a pretty incredible opportunity if you can get it, but what would you do for the chance to be in Brazil in June/July?

Well our friends at Pot Noodle put that question to the ultimate test this weekend when they asked a bunch of Wembley goers if they would have a #Brozilian to be in with a chance of going to Brazil.

The results were incredible, with a lot of men willing to go that extra mile but, what we found more incredible, was that England defender Phil Jones might just have a long lost twin.

Watch the video below and then see how Pot Noodle, @TheLadBible and ourselves came to realise the resemblance between the budding Brazil-going wannabes and Phil Jones’ bizarre facial expressions…