Is this all the proof we need that Paul Pogba is joining Man United?

It’s that time of year again when we suffer from football withdrawal. In that brief period between the end of the season and the start of the next one, there is almost literally nothing to do. It certainly doesn’t feel ‘brief’. What do you mean that’s ‘sad’?

In order to get that footballing fix, we move from being football obsessed to being shopping obsessed, getting our fill of football by watching clubs shop for players. We’ll latch onto any transfer rumour or anything that smells of a transfer rumour: it turns out that we’re in just that much desperation.

And here’s yet another attempt to fill the void: Manchester United have announced their provisional kit numbers ahead of the start of the season, so naturally, everyone is trying to fill in the gaps.

What’s Jose Mourinho’s plan? Why are those the numbers? Are some fringe players being given smaller numbers in a sign they’ll be first team regulars this season? And then there are two big questions:

Why is there no number two? Will that be Fabinho? And why is there no number six? OH MY GOD IS THAT PAUL POGBA’S NUMBER?

And there’s always someone with an alternative theory:

That’s transfer season for you, folks! People will take anything they can get… let’s hope the return of the Premier League in three weeks will give us all our lives back!